Apartments for photo shoot


Our stylish apartments are ideal for photography: designer interiors, large windows and bright spaces, and we also have additional decor for shooting: plants, candles, decorative pillows, magazines, beautiful dishes.

21 apartments with an area of 20-35 m2 are available to you, each with its own unique design!

We will take into account all your needs in the organization of space and help you create a comfortable atmosphere for amateur or professional photography.


Apartment rental
1800 rubles an hour /weekdays / 2000 rubles an hour/weekends.
The minimum rental period is 2 hours.
The rental price includes studio light.

To book an apartment for a photo shoot — call or sent a message via Whatsapp +7 925-758-91-15

Sky Garden

+7 (499) 390-91-15

+7 (925) 758-91-15

Москва, 5 минут до метро Петровско-Разумовская и Окружная, 7 минут до МЦК Окружная, Ботаническая улица, дом 33Вс 1, подъезд 2, этаж 12

Время заезда   14.00

Время выезда  12.00